Your office space on the cloud. Work worry-free from anywhere in the world with Cloudica's virtual workspace with on the-dot newsfeed and live feedback. Try Cloudica™ for Free Need a demo? Email us to get a request.
Monitoring Made Easy Real time monitoring for onsite, remote, or hybrid work environment.
Virtual Workspace Monitoring your team has never been easy. All in one place in real-time. Watch Video Learn More
Computer Activity Keep track of your team's work footprints including keystrokes and inactivity. Watch VideoLearn More
Productivity Identify diversions and increase focus on work-related activities. Watch VideoLearn More
Newsfeed Check your employee's feeds as if they're just sitting across you. Watch VideoLearn More
Attendance Get the daily, weekly, or monthly attendance report with all the relevant information. Watch Video Learn More
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Increase focus through live feedback. Cloudica™ creates trust when working remotely by providing real-time feedback making it useful for training and mentoring staff. It creates a virtual environment where you can see what your workers are doing at the moment and can provide feedback almost instantaneously. Learn more
Introductory price $0.07 per hour First 20 hours free! We offer Cloudica's remote monitoring service by the number of hours monitored, giving you total control on your budget. No monitoring activity? No additional cost to your business! Check Pricing
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