About the Company   Cloudica LLC, a software company, is committed to providing the help every team needs to take them to the next level of productivity and work efficiency.    We started as a custom remote monitoring software, for a technology solutions company. From the need for transparency, work integrity, and quality output, Cloudica™ was born.  We aim to create a productivity-driven workforce in every organization we serve. We bridge the gap and bring onsite and virtual workspaces closer with simple and worry-free solutions.  
About the Team We all work remotely in our home offices from different parts of the globe with flexible working hours to encourage creativity and effectivity. Though working separately, the team cultivates a fun and open virtual environment and promotes talent and skill for professional and personal growth.    Check Cloudica™ Careers
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The People Behind Cloudica™  
Danny Sullivan Founder and CEO Danny is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cloudica LLC. He brings in more than 20 years of experience in providing digital solutions through business outsourcing and domain name investing His main focus is  driving sales and revenue for Cloudica™, as well as on-boarding new customers, and maintaining global presence.  When not working, Danny spends time with his kids, building forts and bridges.
Lorelie Defensor Founder and CTO Lorelie is the founder and architect of Cloudica™’s Digital Infrastructure. She oversees the technological aspects of the company, bringing in her expertise in creating scalable, reliable, and user-friendly applications. She also cultivates the knowledge and skills of the QA and Development Team.  She maintains a healthy balance between work and family, while doing arts and crafts in her spare time.
Romeo Loyola Senior Software Developer Romeo works closely with the Software Developers and QA Engineers to deliver functional requirements while keeping the design workflow accurate and up to date. Romeo has a passion for gardening and mobile game development.
Karla Duguran QA Lead Engineer Karla  creates and designs Use Case documents, oversees Test Case executions, and maintains software development and sprint cycles. She plays the flute, guitar, drums, and keyboards in her free time.
Helbert Gascon Server Administrator Helbert setup the network infrastructure of Cloudica™ System. He makes sure that the servers are working at optimal performance and void of outside threats.  Besides cloud computing, he enjoys occasional visit to the beach. 
Software Developers The software developers created the web-based application of Cloudica™. They are highly skilled in client-side programming and transforming prototypes to functional modules. They work closely with the QA Team to ensure that the web application meets Cloudica's goal of delivering intuitive visualizations for you to be able to manage your team efficiently.
Nick Lobaton Software Developer Nick does physical and online sports on the side. 
James Malatabon Software Developer James likes listening to music and online podcasts.
Jerson Serdan Software Developer Jerson enjoys reading mystery novels and playing simulation games.
Quality Assurance Engineers The Quality Assurance Engineers' main function is developing the use cases for different applications of the web, mobile and desktop application of Cloudica™, which serves as our guide for creating manual and automated test scripts.  In addition, Jerwin creates the UI/UX prototypes, Arian writes test automation scripts and Tina handles technical support.
Jerwin Lallen QA Engineer / UX Designer Jerwin loves watching movies and playing video games with friends.
Arian Llego QA Automation Engineer Arian takes joy in backpacking,  snorkeling/swimming, and hiking.
Kristina Canoy QA Engineer / Marketing Lead Kristina a former grade-school teacher has a knack for literature and arts.
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