Virtual Workspace Keep track of team performance, get an immediate scope of current tasks and output, and view employee activities at a glance with the Cloudica™ Virtual Dashboard.
Interactive hub with real-time monitoring capability. The Virtual Dashboard gives an overview of team member presence, activities, and progress.
  • Know who is present, and what they are working on with the displayed user data complete with names, snapshots, and the application screenshot of the active desktop.
  • Track the user’s work time with the displayed total hours worked and idle time.
  • Get the user’s latest snapshots, latest screenshots, work schedule, logged time, and posted status messages with the retractable drawer.
  • View the user data according to your size preference with the resizing tool.
  • Give feedback or instructions by annotating the user’s screenshots or snapshots.
Search for specific data or information without the hassle. No more scrolling through endless pages of information captured by the employee productivity tracking app.
  • Find your employee right away with the search function so you don’t waste time searching through all user data displayed.
  • View past data of each team member, or the entire team itself.
  • Filter user data according to team assignments, or check groups by active status, monitoring status, etc.
  • Access notifications, attendance reports, and annotated images.
  • Sort user data alphabetically
With Cloudica™ Virtual Workspace, you can: 
  • Check employee activities at a glance and provide feedback or coaching points in a timely manner;
  • Direct efforts and energy to more meaningful and work-related tasks; 
  • Reduce potential revenue loss due to time-related delays.
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