Stay on top of your team's and individual's attendance with our daily monitoring tool. Take your project or business to the next level by utilizing the power of Timesheet data! With this valuable tool, you can assess your team's performance like never before and make informed decisions to achieve success. Comprehensive view of team attendance. Track your remote employees' attendance and work hours with Cloudica™ Timesheet. Monitor time ins and outs, total work hours, paid time, idle hours, and absences. Stay on top of your employees' productivity.
Filters and sort options are in place to suit your preference. Review team attendance for today's date or use custom date filters to sort stored data. Sort user last names in alphabetical order - with just a few clicks. Filter the data displayed by selecting a specific team or by choosing to view only present or absent employees. Pull up attendance records of a specific user through the Search function.
Adjust the employee’s work time with Addendum By using the Addendum, you can effortlessly enhance the accuracy and clarity of the team’s work hours. Whether you need to correct an error, provide additional information, or clarify a point, this tool is designed to simplify the process and help achieve your goals with ease. With this tool, you can effortlessly adjust and manage employee work hours and add detailed notes to changes made. Make your Addendum more informative and engaging by attaching photos, videos, PDFs, or links. You can even edit and annotate the attached images. With our solution, you can easily keep track of changes and view the added notes for future reference.
Cloudica's™ Timesheet can help you: 
  • Accurately compute employee salaries;
  • Measure the efficiency of your remote team and in-office employees;
  • Determine workload distribution;
  • Evaluate employee speed and progress in fulfilling assignments and tasks;
  • Identify attendance issues or areas of improvement to ensure a smoother workflow; and
  • Assess employee patterns and behavior, and their effects on your business
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