Computer Activity
Acquire valuable insights into how each team member efficiently executes their delegated tasks. Check what each of your team members are working on, how they go about it, and for how long using the Cloudica™ Computer Activity module. A closer look at your team’s activities
  • Treemap displays the applications used and websites visited.
  • Bar graphs display when a program or software was opened, and for how long it was used.
  • Keystrokes are displayed in the timeline, indicating how much work has been done per hour.
  • Actual keyboard usage can be checked in the Keystrokes Drawer.
Keep track of how work is being done. Data captured helps validate work done, decreasing incidents of leaks of confidential information, client data, customer information, trade secrets, and business strategies. Screenshots and keystrokes help verify that tasks are being fulfilled accordingly and in a timely manner. Minimize time spent on non-work related activities. By seeing how your team performs, you and your managers can get a better sense of how your team spends their work hours.
With Computer Activity, you can:
  • Validate whether your team members are doing a great job in getting projects done, or if there is room for improvement;
  • Gain insight on whether goals and metrics are being met; and 
  • Assess whether assignments are distributed appropriately or if a reshuffle is needed.
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