Are there any Privacy Concerns? Cloudica™ does not violate privacy concerns. The user’s data will not be tracked without the user's consent and the organization's monitoring settings are customizable. The app also has features to protect the privacy of the users. This allows you to add a layer of confidentiality as to what you are not willing to share without removing the necessary information supervisors should know.  Do this by setting the monitoring status of your app to confidential. This will blur the screenshots taken by the app and mask the keystrokes captured. And this is irreversible. The screenshots and keystrokes cannot be unblurred or unmasked.  There is also the Incognito status. This allows you take breaks or do non-work related activities without signing out of the app.   During the incognito status, you remain logged in to the app but no monitoring activity is recorded. This means that the time, snapshots, screenshots, app usage, and keystrokes are not captured and reflected in the web dashboard.   Check out the Desktop app quick guide Read our Privacy Policy.
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