Getting to Know Cloudica™ Welcome to Cloudica™ managers! We know that providing strong leadership, guidance, and mentoring are the keys to the success of the team. And so, we have given users with manager roles access to more features in the web dashboard to aid you in bringing out the best from your employees whether they work from home or in offices. To start, let's get acquainted with the web dashboard. Web Dashboard After you login to the dashboard, you will be taken to the Monitoring dashboard page.
  • User data boxes - The user data boxes of the remote users assigned to you appear in your dashboard. Each box contains the user's latest snapshot, screenshot, work time, and idle time captured by the app. It also has the user data menu for quick access to the user's data.
  • User drawer - Clicking the user data box opens the user drawer. The drawer contains the user's latest six snapshots, work time information, the latest 10 screenshots, and posted status messages.
  • Index - Allows you to view past data through the date picker. It also displays the user data boxes according to their assigned teams, schedule, and monitoring status.
  • Left panel - Gives you access to Notifications, Attendance Report, and the Annotated images.
  • Managed users list – Shows the list of currently online users on their desktop apps.
  • Search – Use this to locate a specific user.
  • Resizing tool – Makes the user data boxes smaller or bigger.
  • Sorting tool – Sort the order of the user data boxes in ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  • Menu - Lets you navigate easily through the dashboard pages.
  • User count – Displays the total users who logged in to their apps.
  • User menu - Displays the company timezone, your account information, app download link, tools, and logout.  
Get some in-depth functions and features of the Virtual Workspace in this quick guide Observe the users' app usage
  • Know the applications and websites your employees spend time on and inject useful inputs.
  • Check the user's keystrokes and hourly keystrokes count.
  • Tag or annotate their screenshots and let them know how they are doing.
Let users know if they're being productive
  • Tag the users' screenshots as productive, excellent, irrelevant, or violation.
  • Give your feedback and discuss opportunities and improvements.
Mentor using newsfeed
  • Check your employees' progress through the real-time feeds.
  • Give instant feedback if your workers are doing great or give them a nudge when they go off track.
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