How Can I Get Started? Thank you for choosing Cloudica™. Cloudica™ is a software monitoring tool that gives you a virtual workspace where everyone’s work is shared and seen in real-time.  This is a quick guide to help you get started.  First, you need to create a company account. Fill up the registration form. Then confirm the registration through the code we sent to your email and wait for the account to be set up.  Next, provide the initial information for your company, and choose the timezone which your users' time will be based on. This is very important for all reports are based on this chosen timezone. Then, start adding users and download the app.  If you need help with the app installation, click here. As soon as your remote users are logged in to the app, you can now start monitoring them from the dashboard.   Congratulations! Now you’re all set up.  Note that your account is registered for a 15-day free trial run. If you wish to get a licensed account, read it here
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