Closely monitor employees individually or as a team and provide a more hands-on direction. Get real time data updates straight from your team members’ desktop remote trackers. View activities performed by the entire team, or utilize the search function to pull up data for a specific user.
Ensures timeliness in addressing questions or concerns raised by the team.
Use live monitoring capability to address users’ questions, concerns, or provide assistance and clarifications regarding a project or difficult task almost instantaneously.
Newsfeed lets users broadcast computer activities live to a manager’s dashboard or the entire team.
Navigate through tasks more efficiently by directing focus towards worthwhile activities on the spot.
  • Remotely observe activities of the entire team or an individual member through the Add to Watch feature.
  • Monitored users receive a notification that they are added to the watch list, letting them know that they are being observed.
  • Watch live feeds while browsing other pages in the dashboard.
  • Filter through feeds that you want to see, and target employees’ areas of improvement. 
  • Tag and annotate screenshots through the Newsfeed to give encouragement, inject feedback, or distribute tasks and assignments more effectively.
Cultivate an open line of communication with your team through live interactive comments.
Post comments, suggestions, or additional instructions on tagged screenshots. Users can also respond directly in real time.
With Cloudica™’s Live Newsfeed, working remotely no longer feels like working all by yourself.
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