How to Tag Live Feed Data Tagging data of user activities on the Live Feed module allows managers to add feedback, inject insights, and provide instructions regarding tasks at hand. Tagging Timeline Data in the Live Feed Dashboard Data is shown in boxes called the Timeline Data in the dashboard. To tag the Timeline Data, follow the steps below:
  • Select a Timeline Data to tag.
  • Click any of the tag icons displayed at the bottom part of the box.
The tag count is updated every time an item is tagged and a notification is sent to the user. Tagging Timeline Data in a Stream Ongoing streams are live feeds from logged-in users and the Timeline Data from an on-going stream can be tagged.
  • Click the on-going stream button.
  • Select a Timeline Data on the right panel of the ongoing stream.
  • Click any of the Timeline data’s tag icons.
  • A feed notification will appear in the desktop app and a Windows notification will also appear. 
Learn more about how to use the on-going stream. Tag Icons Meanings
  • Blue Necktie Use the blue necktie icon to commend users and tag the application as Productive. 
  • Yellow Necktie Use the yellow necktie icon to tag applications as Excellent and give credit for outstanding performance.
  • White Exclamation Point Choose the white exclamation point icon to tag the application as Irrelevant and bring to attention activities that are not related to the assigned tasks.
  • Red Exclamation Point Tag applications with the red exclamation point icon as Violation.  
Users can also post comments to Timeline Data with or without tagging them. This allows managers to provide input, observations, and remarks on their teams’ progress.
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