How to Update the Monitoring Status from the Application Dashboard Updating the Monitoring Status is usually done on the Cloudica™ Desktop Application. However, it can also be done in the Application Dashboard through the Live Feed module. Part of the My Timeline features is the ability to change the account user’s Monitoring Status from the dashboard.  To update the Monitoring Status, do the following:
  • In the My Timeline box, click the Monitoring Status button
  • Select the Monitoring Status you want to change to from the menu.
Once the status is updated in the dashboard, the Monitoring Status in the Desktop App is also updated. Another way to change the Monitoring Status is through the User Menu. When a user is online, a green dot with the status icon appears with the user’s avatar.  To update the Monitoring Status using the User Menu, follow the steps below: 
  • Click the green dot of the User Menu.
  • Choose and click the status from the menu.
Monitoring Status Meanings Monitored Status
  • Shown as a checkmark icon.
  • The default status upon the initial login to the app.
  • All computer activity by a user is recorded.
Confidential Status
  • Displayed as a shield icon.
  • All screenshots are blurred and keystrokes are masked.
With the desktop app’s Confidential status mode, you have the added layer of security, while still allowing managers to view user activities. Incognito Status
  • Shown as an incognito icon. 
  • The user remains logged in but no monitoring activity is captured.
  • The work time, screenshots, snapshots, app usage, keystrokes, etc. are not recorded.
Instead of logging out of the desktop app, users have the option to switch to Incognito status whenever they take breaks, if they need to be away from their computers, or to do non-work related activities.
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