How to Search for a User This is a guide to help you filter the Timesheet Table by remote user. By default, the dashboard displays the data of all logged-in users of the current date. Now, there are many ways to view a specific user’s Timesheet data. The first one is using the User Search or the search bar of the Dashboard Application. The User Search is located at the header of the Dashboard Application. To use the search function, do the following:
  • Click the Search bar and type in the name of the user in the input box.
  • Matching results will display in the results container and on the Online Users List.
  • Click the user you want to view in the search result container.
The dashboard will then scroll and highlight the searched user’s data in the Timesheet Table. If the searched user has no data for the day, the dashboard will display “No data found.” above the table. When you search for a user through the search function, the Online Users List is also filtered and shows the same results from the search query. You can use the Online Users List to tell if the user you are looking for is online and what their Monitoring Status is. Using the data module from the search container This method also uses the User Search function of the dashboard. Moreover, this way can be used in whatever dashboard module you are in.
  • Click the Search bar.
  • Choose the Timesheet button from the search container.
  • Type the name of the user.
  • Pick the user from the list and the dashboard will open the Timesheet dashboard with the chosen user’s data highlighted in the table.
An alternative is to use the data module from the search container:
  • Type the first name of the user you are looking for.
  • Click the Timesheet button from the search result container.
  • Click the user’s name from the search list. This will immediately open the module and highlight the user’s Timesheet data.
To clear the User Search filter, click the back arrow in the search bar. The Team Filter cannot be used while a user search is active. Learn more in our Timesheet Quick Guide.
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