Streams Player The Streams Player displays previously captured monitoring feeds in a video player format. Note that the feeds here are not live or in real-time. To access the Streams Player:
  • Click the Streams Player icon found on the header. 
Another way to view the Streams Player is to:
  • Click the Live Feed icon on the header.
  • Click the pink “streams ended” button. 
Parts of the Streams Player
  • Player Shows the Application Screenshots and the snapshots of the user/s.
  • Feed Panel Displays the Applications and Websites, Keystrokes, User Status, Productivity Tagging, Work Time logs, Login, Disconnection, and Status Messages.
  • Controls Includes the play/pause button, progress bar, panel toggle, settings, and mini-player switch.
  • Date Picker Helps you view users’ data from previous dates.
  • Team Filter Lets you limit the feed displays to the members of a certain team only.
  • Info button This is found in the upper left corner of the video player. When you hover over it, it shows the username of the owner and the Application name of the screenshot displayed on the screen. 
How to use the Controls The Streams Player has controls to play, change playback speed, or switch to mini-player. It displays when you hover over the Player.
  • Play/Pause Button Start the video feed by clicking the Play button. Pause the video with the Pause button during playback.
  • Progress Bar The progress bar displays how much of the video you have watched and how much is remaining. It also allows you to jump to specific times in the stream.
  • Panel Toggle The Panel Toggle allows you to maximize the video player and hide the Feed Panel.
  • Settings Clicking Settings displays the playback speed slider. It controls how fast the video plays in the stream. To hide the speed control, just click the Settings button again.
  • Mini-player Switch When the mini-player is used, the video player shrinks to the corner of the browser, allowing you to continue watching while browsing other Cloudica™ modules. The mini-player stays on top of other module dashboards.
How to filter Streams Player by date The Date Picker allows you to access past streams. To do this, follow the steps below: Use the Navigation Buttons 
  • Click the left arrow to go to the previous date.
  • Click the right arrow to go to the next date.
Use the Calendar 
  • Click the Date Picker button to open the calendar.
  •  Click the left arrow to go to the previous month or click the right arrow to go to the next month.
  • Select a date with a blue color.
Note that dates in the Calendar with stored data are clickable (blue), while dates without stored data are not (black). Once a date is selected, the Stream will display the data for that date.  Filters like the Team Filter can be used in congruence with the Date Picker. How to filter Streams Player by user If you only want to view the data of a specific user in the Stream, do the following:
  • Click the Search bar and type in the name of the user in the input box.
  • Matching results will be displayed in the results container and on the Online Users List.
  • Click the user you want to view in the search result container. 
The Stream will now only display the feeds of the selected user.  When using User Search in the Stream, other filters cannot be used simultaneously. To remove the User filter, click the back arrow in the search bar or clear the name from the bar.
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