Live Feed The Live Feed module lets you view user data almost instantly. With it, you can provide feedback, assessments, and instructions. This section of the dashboard displays the following:
  • Applications and Websites
  • Screenshots
  • Snapshots
  • Keystrokes
  • User Status
  • Productivity Tagging
  • Work Time logs
  • Login
  • Disconnection
  • Status Messages
The Live Feed only displays the current captured data from the users. To view the data from previous dates, go to the Streams Player or Productivity module. Parts of the Live Feed dashboard
  • My Timeline Box 
  • Streams
  • Live Feeds Display
My Timeline Box The My Timeline is connected to the account user’s data. This allows you to post Status Messages and change your Monitoring Status from the Application Dashboard aside from the Cloudica™ desktop app. Through My Timeline, you can also share your data with other users or with people without a Cloudica™ account. Learn how to change the Monitoring Status from the Application Dashboard. Streams This contains the buttons to access the ongoing and ended streams. Ongoing streams opens Live Streams Player. Here, the live feeds from logged-in users are shown. The ended streams opens the Streams Player. In the Streams Player, the data from the users who already logged out are displayed. The buttons also display a counter to tell how many streams there are. In the users’ ongoing streams, the feeds are displayed in a video-like format. Read about our guide on how to use Streams. Live Feeds Display This displays the real-time Timeline Data from the remote users. The panel always shows the latest opened applications, websites, snapshots, screenshots, keystrokes, work time, etc. of the users. Check the guide on how to share your data to others. User Search The search bar helps you find a specific user. It will pull up the searched user’s data and display the information you need on the dashboard. Online Users List Found on the left panel of the dashboard. The Online Users displays the desktop app logged-in users. The list also shows each user’s avatar, status icon, monitoring status, and the last app or website opened. If the user is online, the status icon shows as a green dot. The icon will turn gray if the user is offline or has logged out of the app. The icons also indicate each user’s status, such as monitored, confidential, or incognito.  Filters The filters help you drill down on a user’s or team’s data and get the necessary information you need.
  • Team FilterDisplays live feeds according to teams.
Learn more about the Team Filter. With the Live Feed, you can:
  • View the real-time feed of multiple users’ activities.
  • Observe users’ feeds in a video player format.
  • Check what your team members are doing at any point during the workday. 
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