Timesheet The Timesheet module lets you monitor team and individual attendance. You can review attendance reports daily, and through specified date ranges. Data is presented in table form for easy reference. Components of the Timesheet Dashboard The Timesheet has multiple features and filters. Timesheet Table The Timesheet Table shows the important data of a user’s work hours rendered. In the Timesheet table, you can see the:
  • User names
  • Work Time
  • Idle Time
  • Time in
  • Time out
The Timesheet table shows the current date by default. In the Timesheet Table, you will also be able to view the Paid Time and use the Addendum to correct, clarify, or supplement a user’s work hours. Use the sorter tool to arrange users’ last names in ascending or descending order. Filters On the left panel of the dashboard are the filters. You can use them to refine the data for a more in-depth look at how workers are performing. 
  • Date PickerAllows you to check team attendance from previous dates.
  • Attendance FilterDisplays the users who are present or absent.
  • Team FilterDisplays timesheet data according to teams.
User Search The search bar helps you find a specific user. It will highlight the searched user’s data on the Timesheet Table. Read more about how to search for a user. Online Users List Found on the left panel of the dashboard. The Online Users displays the desktop app logged-in users. The list also shows each user’s avatar, status icon, monitoring status, and the last app or website opened. If the user is online, the status icon shows as a green dot. The icon will turn gray if the user is offline or has logged out of the app. The icons also indicate each user’s status, such as monitored, confidential, or incognito. The Timesheet is a module where you can:
  • View employees’ time in, time out, idle time, total worked hours, and other pertinent attendance information.
  • Get a comprehensive overview to help you determine the best way to manage your team schedule.
  • Have an easy-to-read timesheet so you can distribute your workforce effectively.
  • Edit attendance records and see the paid time of employees. 
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