Virtual Workspace Cloudica™ creates a virtual environment that provides remote monitoring and real-time feedback, making it useful for training and mentoring staff. The Virtual Workspace provides you with a bird’s-eye view of team members present, what their activities are, and how they are progressing with assignments. You can get an immediate scope of current tasks being done, the latest screenshots of each user, total worked time, idle time, and app or websites visited. This quick guide will help you become familiar with each feature and component you’ll find on the Virtual Workspace, so you can use them to enhance team productivity, pinpoint areas of improvement, and provide mentoring points where needed. User Data The User Data provides insight on what the user is working on. Each data box represents a user logged in to the Desktop Application and shows the latest screenshot taken of the active window, the most recent snapshot, total worked time, idle time, the user’s name, and the latest app or website opened or visited. Clicking the Data Box opens the Last Activity where you can view the following:
  • Screenshot Displays the latest screenshot taken from the user’s active desktop.
  • Snapshot Photo of the user taken by the device’s camera.
  • Work Time Displays the total number of work hours rendered by the user.
  • Idle Time The amount of idle time captured by the Desktop App.
  • User’s Name Displays the name that the user registered to Cloudica™.
  • Latest App or Website Displays the name or URL of the latest website or application that the user has interacted with.
User Search The search function lets you find a specific user by entering the name. Online Users List This feature is found on the lower left side of the dashboard and displays users who are logged in to the desktop app. The list also shows each user’s avatar, status icon, monitoring status, and the last app or website opened. If the user is online, the status icon is displayed as a green dot. The icon will turn gray if the user is offline or has logged out of the app. The icons also indicate each user’s status, such as monitored, confidential, or incognito. Check our resource page to learn more about Monitored, Confidential, and Incognito monitoring statuses on the Cloudica™ desktop app. Filters
  • Date Picker You can check a user’s previous data by changing the date via the date picker.
  • Resizing Tool Lets you change the size of the user data boxes displayed by sliding left or right.
  • Sorting Tool This feature lets you sort user last names in ascending or descending order.
  • Team Filter This function allows you to view users by team.
The Virtual Workspace is an all-in-one place where you can:
  • Observe team activities at a glance; 
  • Easily find a specific user by filtering;
  • View team progress on assigned tasks; 
  • Gauge if team members are on track with projects; and
  • Decide how best to proceed based on recorded information.  
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